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Jack Morris and Vivien Epstein are the central characters in the four-part miniseries “Ridley Road,” beginning May 1 on WGCU PBS.

Jack Morris and Vivien Epstein are the central characters in the four-part miniseries “Ridley Road,” beginning May 1 on WGCU PBS.


America Reframed:

The Last Season

Amid the bustling world of central Oregon’s wild mushroom hunting camps, the lives of two former soldiers intersect. Roger, a 75-year-old sniper with the U.S. special forces in Vietnam, and Kouy, a 46-year-old platoon leader of Cambodia’s Khmer freedom fighters who battled the Khmer Rouge, come together each fall to hunt the elusive matsutake mushroom, a rare mushroom prized in Japanese culture and cuisine. However, the pair discover more than just mushrooms in the woods: they find a new life and livelihood and a means to slowly heal the scarring wounds of war. FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 8 P.M. on WGCU WORLD

Love Wins Over Hate

Explore the personal transformations of six people who went from agents of anger and bigotry to advocates for empathy and inclusivity. In the documentary, former Neo-Nazi Shannon Foley Martinez discusses how easy it was to direct her unprocessed rage and self-hatred from a sexual assault into a movement rooted in hate.

Other interviewees include former white supremacists Arno Michaelis, Tim Zaal and Chris Buckley, who speak honestly and openly about the pain they willfully caused others, their changing beliefs, and their ongoing fight for a more compassionate and inclusive world. SATURDAY, APRIL 30, 9 P.M. on WGCU Create

Best of the Joy of Painting

Bob Ross paints a big old barn that appears to be half-covered in a snowy setting of frostbitten foliage. Stay tuned for another sunset painting at 9:30, when Ross guides viewers to create a golden sky glowing above radiant trees and bushes on a black canvas. SUNDAY, MAY 1, 9 P.M. on WGCU PBS

Ridley Road on Masterpiece

Part 1

London in the swinging ’60s is a hive of violent antisemitism, as Jewish hairdresser Vivien learns when she arrives in search of her beau, Jack. MONDAY, MAY 2, 9:30 P.M. on WGCU WORLD

Stories from the Stage:

For the Greater Good

It might be difficult for one person to truly make a difference. But by working together, through big and small actions, we can change the world. Mariama White-Hammond gets down and dirty for a cause; Adam Stumacher volunteers as a human shield in the West Bank to experience the other side of the checkpoint; and Ronald Smith stands up for interracial marriage. TUESDAY, MAY 3, 8 P.M. on WGCU PBS

Finding Your Roots: Reporting on the Reporters

Host Henry Louis Gates Jr. shows journalists Christiane Amanpour, Ann Curry and Lisa Ling that the stories within their own family trees are every bit as compelling as the news stories they have been covering for the world. WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 8 P.M. on WGCU PBS

Nature: My Garden of a Thousand Bees

A wildlife cameraman spends his time during the pandemic lockdown filming the bees in his urban garden and discovers the many diverse species and personalities that exist in this insect family. ¦

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