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LeeTran boosts service to Fort Myers Beach

Increased seasonal LeeTran service to Fort Myers Beach will begin Jan. 3 and run through May 1.

The county’s Fort Myers Beach Trolley service will begin its two seasonal routes:

Route 490, the Beach Park & Ride Trolley, has three trolleys that will travel between the Beach Park & Ride and Times Square until 10:23 p.m., seven days a week.

Route 410, the Beach Trolley, has three trolleys that travel between Bowditch Park and Lovers Key until about 10 p.m., seven days a week.

Route 490 will depart from LeeTran’s new Beach Park & Ride, which opened last December. The facility, at 11101 Summerlin Square Drive on the corner of Pine Ridge Road and Summerlin Square Drive, provides free parking, with more than 125 available spaces, for people to take the trolley to the beach. Passengers also can connect to LeeTran’s routes 50 or 130 from the Beach Park & Ride.

The Beach Trolley and the Beach Park & Ride Trolley are 75 cents a ride, $2 for an all-day pass or $4 for a three-day pass.

In addition, the free beach tram, LeeTram, will resume for season.

LeeTram will run from Bowditch Point Park to Matanzas Pass Preserve.

The beach tram turns around near Matanzas Pass Preserve by looping around Bay Road, Oak Street, and School Street to return to the north end of Estero Island.

The beach tram is estimated to run every 20 minutes, depending on traffic, seven days a week. Service starts 8 a.m. at Bowditch Park and ends 7:50 p.m. at Matanzas Pass Preserve.

This multi-car vehicle is free of charge and provides an easy way to travel along the beach from hotels to restaurants, to shopping and attractions in the area, LeeTran said.

Schedules can be found at

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