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Customers contacting Tim Collier’s State Farm Insurance office might not realize how fortunate they are finding this agency.

Insurance and helping are practically part of Mr. Collier’s DNA. His father, Mitch, was a State Farm agent, so the Florida-born and bred Tim Collier grew up watching and learning about the business. He absorbed his father’s values and wisdom on how to Choose the Right Insurance Coverage through his years at Fort Myers High School and then the University of Florida, where he studied business and agricultural economics.

Choosing the right insurance coverage is more than numbers on a spreadsheet. “It’s about understanding how your decisions around limits of coverage and types of protection could impact your financial future and your ability to protect the ones you love.” Says the Tim Collier a fifth generation Floridian with 16 years of experience as an insurance professional.

On the Tim Collier agency website, Mr. Collier’s respect for his father shines through. He refers to him as one of the best agents in the country. “I learned from a legend,” Mr. Collier says. Now, he and his team are dedicated to sharing their wisdom with clients throughout Lee County, whether their needs are for auto, homeowners, renters, personal articles, business, life, health, annuities or even pet insurance.

This is such a vast topic with volumes of information available on the various types of coverage that Mr. Collier chose to focus on auto insurance for this project, addressing the question: What factors determine your car insurance premiums?

As with other polices, he explains, “many factors are weighted when figuring car insurance premiums but there are lots of ways to maximize protection while getting the best rate. Leveraging discounts and accurately identify driving habits is a great place to start. The best combination of protection and price has a different sweet spot for every individual.”

Deductibles can be a good levers to modify prices but choosing the wrong deductible could cost you more in the end.

The type of vehicle one drives also affects premiums. Insurance companies consult vehicle safety ratings when setting premiums. “Do some research on the safety ratings of the car you want to purchase,” he advises.

Other factors taking into consideration include how often and how far one drives. The more miles driven in a year, the greater the chances of an accident, he says. And the driver’s age, gender and marital status also affect premiums. Drivers under 25 years old, especially single males, have higher premiums.

Deciphering information about auto insurance and other types of coverage can be intimidating for many people. That’s where Mr. Collier and his associates come to the rescue.

Clients aren’t merely statistics to Mr. Collier and his team. Customers are not spreadsheets.

“Insurance is really about helping people understand and grapple with everyday risks,” he says. But it can be baffling and perhaps even overwhelming to those without the training, education and know-how to cut through the maze of information. What it’s all about It was his father who convinced Mr. Collier to pursue an insurance career.

“He recruited me from the telecom industry and we experienced our first catastrophic event together during Hurricane Charley,” he says, referring to the 2004 hurricane that was one of the most ferocious to ever hit Southwest Florida. “We saw the impact we had on our customers, how grateful they were for our expertise and the way State Farm answered the call.”

Mr. Collier has vivid memories of Hurricane Charley’s aftermath and how vital it was that homeowners and business owners had the right coverage.

“The morning after, there was an eerie silence with no traffic, no power and little sign of people,” he says. “Then a line formed in front of the office around 9 a.m. A lady ran up to my dad with a check in her hand and tears in her eyes, giving him a giant hug and thanking him for being here the day after.

“I remember Dad saying, ‘This is what it’s all about,’ and at that moment I was sold on how rewarding a career in insurance could be, how we can really help people if we do it right. This was when I realized what business we were really in.”

Mr. Collier has inherited the mantle of wisdom and service from his father and is continuing a Collier family tradition.

Well aware that many people view insurance as a topic fraught with anxiety, he and his staff are at the ready to lessen that stress for their clients. From the agency’s mission statement: “It is our aim to ease the stress that can come with insurance by putting a premium on personalized service. We believe people prefer to have someone they know to help guide them through both good and bad times. It is this belief that stands behind everything we do.”

Mr. Collier adds: “My team and I work closely with our customers, focusing our efforts on three key areas: Reducing your exposure to risk, protecting your income and growing your wealth. Ultimately, our goal is to provide coverage within your budget. We are always ready to help you.” find the right insurance for your needs.”

Like father, like son. ¦

Tim Collier State Farm Insurance
1315 S.E. 47th Terrace
Cape Coral, FL 33904


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