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“In the Next Room” Feb. 16-March 10 (Previews: Feb. 14-15)

In a well-to-do Victorian home, a doctor innocently invents a machine to treat female “hysteria.” The invention sends a shock wave through the lives of the doctor’s patients and, to his surprise, his own marriage.

“Holmes & Watson” March 23-April 21 (Previews: March 21-22)

It’s been three years since Sherlock Holmes plunged to his death off Reichenbach Falls … or so the world believed. When Dr. John Watson receives a mysterious telegram from a doctor who states that three men claiming to be Sherlock Holmes are in his care, it is up to Watson, now filled with hope his companion may yet live, to determine which of these three might be the real Sherlock Holmes.

“Skylight” May 4-19 (Previews: May 2-3)



On a cold winter night, Kyra, a schoolteacher, is unexpectedly reunited with her former lover, the recently widowed Tom, in her London apartment. Now forced to confront their shared past, the two find themselves entangled in a passionate clash of opposing ideologies and mutual desires. Is true love is enough to bridge the distance between two people?





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