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‘Fling a Flounder for Fireworks’ to help save New Year’s show



PierSide Grill and Famous Blowfish Bar on Fort Myers Beach is presenting “Fling a Flounder for Fireworks” from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 3, at 1000 Estero Blvd. The fundraising event will feature food and drinks at the restaurant and bar along with free giveaways and raffle prizes. All proceeds will benefit the community production of the annual Fort Myers Beach New Year’s Eve fireworks celebration.

The Town of Fort Myers Beach has discontinued the funding for fireworks. As a result, the Fort Myers Beach community is pulling together to keep the annual fireworks production alive for Southwest Florida. The flounder fling is a unique way for the community to support this cause while enjoying a funfilled day on Fort Myers Beach. During the flounder fling, participants will toss a bean bag-type flounder into a large frying pan. Those who can land their flounder into the frying pan three times will be given Blowfish Discount cards for future use at the restaurant. For more information, visit PierSideGrill

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