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Avatar (Re-release) ½



(Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver) On a distant moon called Pandora, the Avatar program allows a paralyzed former Marine (Mr. Worthington) to infiltrate a blue-skinned, 10-foot-tall alien race called the Na’vi. His mission is to obtain information that can be used against the Na’vi, but things change when he falls in love with his teacher, Neytiri (Ms. Saldana). The story is predictable, but writer/director James Cameron’s film is so visually stunning (especially in 3-D) that it’s a marvel to watch and enjoy. Rated PG-13.

Reviewers note: This is the capsule

that ran with the original December



2009 release; the extra footage for th e

re-release has not been screened in

advance for press.

Lottery Ticket ½

(Ice Cube, Terry Crews, Bow Wow) When nice guy Kevin (Bow Wow) wins $370 million in the lottery, the entire town wants a piece of the action. There were a lot of possibilities here, but none of them have been realized. Unfunny and remarkably stupid, the movie is a sad testament to what happens when morons encounter large sums of money. Rated PG-13. 

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