Fort Myers Florida Weekly


Robert Cacioppo, Founder and former producing artistic director, Florida Repertory Theatre



It’s hard to imagine what Fort Myers would be without the “build it and they will come” approach that visionary Robert Cacioppo, along with wife Carrie Lund, had for first-rate theater downtown. It probably wouldn’t exist. Fast-forward 20 years, through 170 shows with over 1,200 donors — Mr. Cacioppo is now in the public eye dealing with the aftermath of a board firing him amid allegations of misconduct. He’s defending himself and upping his game with some gossip-churning theatrics. With statements to The News-Press including “THE BOARD HAS GOT TO GO” — a board he himself hand-picked — our local lovable thespian king is creating real life moments that could well conceive a Tony-worthy production that even Terry Teachout might rave about.

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