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At Babcock Ranch, we’re wild about life! We believe in the importance of Civitas – a basic hometown pride and a calling to participate and belong. Civitas is the foundation that unites us and is defined by the pride we take in this place where we live, learn, work, and play. We each contribute to the expanding story of our town, and celebrate the individual and collective memories, achievements, and milestones that are the rich stuff of life.

At Babcock Ranch, we would rather walk or ride a bike than drive. We are stewards of the environment, and proud to say our town is the first solar town in the country. We know one another and call each other by name. We love Babcock’s green spaces, lakes, trails, and preserves just as we appreciate the timeless styles of our neighborhoods and places of learning and commerce. The future of our town is sustained by the sheer joy we take in living here. We invite you to join us in creating that future!

Kittery Point, ME 3905


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Additional Information Babcock Ranch is being developed by Kitson & Partners, a real estate company focused on creating responsible, forward-thinking, sustainable residential communities and retail shopping centers that meet the diverse needs of families, neighbors, businesses, surrounding communities, and our natural environment.
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Broker participation is welcome. Prices, plans, specifications and community design are subject to change. Oral representations cannot be relied upon as correctly stating the representations of
the developer. For correct information regarding Babcock Ranch, interested parties should refer to written materials provided by the developer, legislative acts related to Babcock Ranch and the
covenants and restrictions of the Babcock Ranch Residential Association, Inc. The information provided above is not intended to be an offering and should be considered as informational only.
Life is better when you get out of the car and walk. Or bike. Or kayak. So we designed not just a town, but an entirely new kind
of town. One that enables you to do just that. Walk to school and to work. Bike to the store or to wilderness. Engage with your
neighbors, your environment and yourself. Enjoy luxurious amenities at an unluxurious price. You’ve always known a better life
was out there. Now you know exactly where to .nd it.
A better life
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