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Brian and Mary McColgan

Fall in love with Useppa Island. Located on Florida’s southwest Gulf coast, between Sarasota and Naples. Just three miles from the mainland, be swept away by this enchanted paradise of sea and sky, abundant natural beauty, “Old Florida” ambiance and barefoot luxury.

Accessible only by boat, seaplane or helicopter, experience another time and place...where adults play croquet and ride bikes and, with children, there are no worries. Just tell them “be home by dark.” It’s where afternoons are spent on the water, swimming or boating, or on the court enjoying tennis or croquet. This “Old Florida” resort lifestyle offers an impressive array of amenities, modern conveniences, waterfront homes, with a dock almost at your door, and fun, friendly neighbors in concert with luxuriant privacy. There are no cars, only golf carts. No stop signs…only turtle crossings.

Useppa Island, FL


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Additional Information Brian and Mary McColgan discovered and made their home on Useppa Island in 1985, commuting from Atlanta, Ga., where they each ran their own successful businesses. In 2006, they became full time Useppa Island residents.

Presently representing buyers and sellers exclusively on Useppa Island, this dynamic pair hold the impressive National Association of Realtors® certification of Resort & Second Home Property Specialists (RSPS).

Brian’s background in real estate spans over 30 years, primarily in Commercial Real Estate. He founded McColgan & Co. which became the largest, privately held, Commercial Real Estate appraisal and consulting firm in the southeast. He currently serves as a Special Magistrate, Lee County, responsible for evaluating tax appeals on commercial and high-end residential property.

Mary successfully founded and ran Bowman & Associates for 30+ years — an executive search firm based in Atlanta/San Francisco, working with venture capital firms investing in medical technology start-ups and companies, addressing their C-Suite requirements.

The team joined Michael Saunders & Company in early 2013, leveraging their joint and diverse professional experience to market and sell property exclusively on Useppa Island.

Realtors®. Neighbors. Friends.

In review of the last few years, the role of this real estate team has naturally evolved into more than just selling homes. Because of the unique size and closeness of the Useppa community, they are not only “Realtors® in Residence” after 30 years of living on the Island, they are neighbors, friends and community ambassadors! Their love and passion for Useppa Island is personal. You can trust their commitment and their real estate knowledge when looking for your perfect paradise on Useppa
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The Useppa Island Butterfly Society
began several years ago, when the island
donated a sandy and unbuildable 1/3
acre to the care of volunteer islanders
for a butterfly sanctuary. Six years later,
we see significantly more and varied
butterflies fluttering in the warm sun.
We find eggs the size of pencil points, as
well as understand why leaves disappear
overnight as caterpillars munch through
them. These are all signs that the
butterflies approve of our efforts!
Butterflies alight on almost any flower
for nectar. However, each butterfly
species selects a very specific host plant
for laying its eggs, and can detect them
from as far as five miles away. This is
the same plant these butterflies-turned-caterpillars
will use for food.
So, what began as simply planting pretty
flowers, has turned into spread sheets to
cross reference nectar versus host plants,
in the correct proportion, to successfully
attract less migratory butterflies, while
attracting more that will happily reside
with us for generations.
Of the many butterflies, we
have our favorites. Black and
yellow Swallowtails search out
Dutchman’s Pipevine (which
can grow over a foot a day) as visiting
butterflies lay clusters of yellow eggs.
When hatched, these larva/caterpillars
quickly devour the vine’s dense foliage
that has hidden them so well.
Orange Gulf Fritillary’s tiny tan eggs
are found on the underside of Lady
Margaret Passion Vine. The “hatched”
orange caterpillars then travel in packs,
voraciously eating the vine before
curling up into a chrysalis from which a
beautiful butterfly will emerge.
The most rewarding aspect of caring for
the garden is sharing it with visitors of all
ages. The Butterfly Garden encapsulates
what life on Useppa is about. Creating
a place of beauty, wonder, refuge and
learning, while relaxing and sharing a
space with family, friends and those who
wander the island. All are welcome here!
Make your escape to Useppa Island.
Paradise Without A Passport!
Useppa Island Butterfly Garden
Brian and Mary McColgan, Realtors® with Keller Williams
Luxury Homes International, Resort & Second Home Property
Specialists and Useppa residents for 30+ years, happily show
and share their “paradise” with all interested.
Discover Useppa Island 239.410.7850
A Sanctuary for All
by Karen Kauffman
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