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Building a history of success takes hard work. So we rolled up our sleeves and built it from the ground up. And since history has a way of repeating itself, we've been experiencing outsourcing success year after year.

12451 Gateway Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL

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Additional Information As we have gone about our growth, U.S. outsourcing as a whole has followed. More brands are tapping into the core strengths of a company like Alta Resources, where we already have the solutions, systems and personnel in place to handle critically important customer interactions. We even harbor worldwide resources to cater 24/7 to the needs, languages and time zones of an increasingly global economy.

By outsourcing to us, we save companies the hassle, time and expense of revamping their infrastructures, staff levels and solutions. With those savings, companies can pour more focus into what they do so well: enhancing their products and services. As an outsourcing company, customer interactions are all we do, meaning our core focus is infusing best practices into every customer experience for a quality level that brands struggle to deliver on their own.

About Alta Resources

In 1982, CEO Jim Beré started the first teleservices company for consumer-packaged goods. Just five years later, his rapidly growing company was listed on Inc. 500's list of "America's Fastest-Growing Companies", before being acquired in 1990. But Beré's passion for helping brands do more couldn't be tamed because, in 1995, he founded what is now Alta Resources in Neenah, Wisconsin. We've been growing ever since.

1997: Acquired TMW in California, laying the foundation for our Brea location
2000: Beré's second company named to the Inc. 500 list
2001: Purchased Howe Marketing in Michigan, where we still have home agents
2004: Opened our location in Pasig City, Philippines
2005: Implemented our organizational focus on Lean Six Sigma, as well as built a modern headquarters and fulfillment facility in Neenah
2008: Expanded our fulfillment operations from 110,000 to 195,000 square feet
2010: Bought Beanbasket, Inc. to enhance our e-commerce capabilities
2012: Tremendous growth and client wins resulted in expanding our campuses in Wisconsin, California and the Philippines
2012: Major growth and hiring result in tax credits from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation
2013: Moved into the Fort Myers, Florida, neighborhood by opening a new campus there
2014: Launched the Alta Resources Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
What We Do

If you ask us, we're in the relationship business. That's because many of the world's best-known brands trust us to help them connect and reconnect with consumers across every touch point, from online to offline.

We do so through a suite of integrated business-process-outsourcing (BPO) services -- care, sales, e-commerce and fulfillment -- that not only create consistent brand experiences but make them better. That, in turn, develops new customer relationships, while keeping current customers engaged and coming back for the long term.

As we form relationships on behalf of brands, customers never know our name behind the products and services they use daily -- and we're OK with that. That's because the secret to helping brands resonate with customers is creating seamless transactions. So we wear transparency when representing brands, meaning we are our clients.

What We Believe

As thousands now comprise our growing workforce, we have developed a dynamic culture around our Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles, each playing an integral part in creating a positive workplace and unparalleled success for our customers.

Our people live and breathe them, even carrying them over into their personal lives and communities. They guide our every decision and program. And they're prominently displayed across our organization as a constant reminder of what we stand for and strive to be. In fact, visit any of our locations worldwide, and you'll instantly know you're at Alta Resources.

As a leading customer management business process outsourcer, we provide resources and create solutions that maximize customer relationships.

To be an industry leader for global, customer-related outsourcing solutions.

Guiding Principles

Results: Great companies partner with Alta Resources because we deliver defined results, and do so with passion, focus and a sense of urgency.
Diversity: We foster diversity -- different backgrounds, different cultures and different points of view -- to fuel the solutions and results we deliver for our clients.
Relationships: We are successful because of the strong, lasting relationships we build with each other, those we serve and our business partners.
Integrity: We are -- individually and collectively -- trustworthy, high in character, accountable and proficient, demonstrating respect and honesty in all that we do.
Communication: We communicate openly, honestly, appropriately and responsively -- internally and externally -- to ensure needs are understood, accountability is clear, information is shared and ideas are heard.
Community: We balance work and family and contribute positively to our communities.
Strength: We must be financially strong to invest in the people, technology, quality and capabilities necessary to create solutions and deliver results for our clients, now and in the future.

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