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A Q&A with Kitt Kearney, licensed real estate broker and vice president of sales and marketing for Homes by Towne


Babcock Ranch visitors take a tour of one of the models from Homes by Towne builders. 
COURTESY PHOTO Babcock Ranch visitors take a tour of one of the models from Homes by Towne builders. COURTESY PHOTO In March, Kitt Kearney celebrated her 18th year with Homes by Towne, the builder that sold the first homes at Babcock Ranch. Ms. Kearney grew up in Cedurhurst, Long Island.

“I didn’t like the cold,” she said. “I knew at 9 years old I wanted to move to Florida.”

She and her husband now live in Lakewood Ranch, a town just northeast of Sarasota, where Homes by Towne is headquartered. They have one adult daughter.

In her spare time, you would probably find her taking a run around her community.

Her mother was a calligrapher who had beautiful handwriting, but that gift wasn’t passed on to her.

“I definitely did not get her handwriting,” she said. “Mine came from my father.”

What does your job entail?

KEARNEY KEARNEY “Pretty much anything to do with the sales and marketing side of it as well, actually, I was integrally involved in the floor plan development (for the company’s models at Babcock), and the designer works through me. So pretty much anything to do with those floor plans, moving forward on a decorating basis. We have an outside decorator we’ve had for 18 years and he has really come and outdone himself at Babcock Ranch.”

How did Homes by Towne decide to build at Babcock Ranch?

“They recruited us. They were familiar with the fact that we were a founding builder at Lakewood Ranch, and they knew we were used to starting off in a new community. We were very honored to be making history and making the first sale. It’s an experience we really enjoy. It’s nice to see what it’s like when you first start out and now seeing 22 years at Lakewood Ranch we can see how many lives we’ve effected and moved into beautiful homes.”

What was your initial impression of Babcock Ranch?

“It’s very exciting to see. It’s the next generation of where everybody is going. And to be the first in the whole state I think that’s very exciting. I was able to experience first-hand the Founder’s Festival they had on March 11 and 12, and obviously, there are many, many people waiting for this experience to happen and this community to happen. They did a fabulous job getting the message out there and bringing people in to see what they’re doing.

“People in droves came through. They said there were about 20,000 people who came through for the event and I’d say probably within the two days, I’d like to say, we probably had 5,000 people coming through the models. I was basically trying to control the traffic. And anybody who was interested in looking at our other floor plans we asked them to come back during the week and they did. We were busy, and we’re still busy. I’d say on a slow day we get 40 to 50 groups coming through, per day.”

What’s the most common comment people make when they come through?

“The most common comment is they really love the floorplan, the design and the quality. It’s interesting, they go through our models and say, ‘we can see the quality of your construction.’ We obviously pride ourselves on it but it’s interesting to have people come through who really notice it.”

What’s your favorite part about the job?

“I just love dealing with our homebuyers. Our sales team is with them from the very beginning and go to their closing, so it’s like they become part the family when they start with us and stay with us the whole time. It’s just a great experience seeing how happy they are in the process and making sure everything they look for in a home is what they get.” ¦

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