February 15, 2017 RSS feed / Business News

Gauging tourism

Study shows exceptional revenue from visitors to Florida in 2015, but counties are wary about a slow-down.

When Visit Florida, the state’s official tourism promoter, hired an Oxford Economics company called Tourism Economics to detail the effect of tourists on the Florida economy last year, Donald Trump had not yet taken office as the 45th president More...

The E in the new Mercedes E-Class might stand for electronics


Mercedes is making 2017 a signpost to bring technology to its coddled masses. The new E-Class is a mainstream car that wants to do all of the thinking for you. So the real question is, can you still enjoy driving it?  More...

Whole Foods was a half-step behind industry changes, and it hurt


People are resistant to change. To most, change makes us feel uncomfortable and scared. I think it probably has to do with our instincts learned long ago when man was constantly in a life-or-death struggle with nature. More...