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‘The Heart Health Bible: The 5-Step Plan to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease’


By John M. Kennedy, M.D.
(Da Capo, $15.99 softbound)

It’s no secret that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of men and women in the United States, claiming nearly 1 million lives each year. The irony is that it’s also one of the most preventable diseases.

Dr. John M. Kennedy, a board member of the American Heart Association and professor of cardiology at Harbor- UCLA Medical Center, has successfully helped thousands of patients with his pioneering approach to preventative cardiology. Many of the techniques and strategies are outlined in his new book: “The Heart Health Bible.”

According to Dr. Kennedy, many of us have lost sight of the big picture by placing too much emphasis on fad diets. While weight and food intake are important, many diet plans are complicated, and more than a few simply don’t work effectively.

Dr. Kennedy outlines a more holistic approach, including stress reduction, a smart diet and regular physical activity, which can add to our overall health and longevity. With some 60 million Americans suffering from heart disease, changes in our behavior are essential to putting us on a sensible pathway that not only can help to prevent heart disease, but actually reverse it!

The five steps of his H-E-A-R-T plan are: 1) Healing blood pressure by learning to relax, adding aerobic exercise to our daily routine and decreasing salt; 2) Energizing the heart with exercise; 3) Acting on fat by using a BMI calculator and making better food choices; 4) Reducing blood sugar, since high blood sugar increases the risk of heart disease; 5) Tackling triglycerides to differentiate good fats from the harmful.

This is an excellent guide that includes anecdotes, tips and even recipes to help protect us and the ones we love against heart disease. Making his five steps part of our daily routine can create a wellness that can help save our lives. ¦

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