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“... There is water in earth and air in water and in all air is vital heat.... Living things form quickly whenever this air and vital heat are enclosed in anything. When they are so enclosed... there arises as it were a frothy bubble.” — Aristotle, “On the Generation of Animals”, Book III, Part 11

“Sun, sun, sun: Here it comes.... And I say it’s all right.” — Lennon/Harrison/McCartney, “Here Comes the Sun”

“So with animals, some spring from parent animals according to their kind, whilst others grow spontaneously and not from kindred stock.” — Aristotle, “The History of Animals”

This is a column.
(Who said there are an uneven dozen?)


right rising
out of mind:

xenogenesis, equivocal generation, non-pasteurized, syllogized, aether no longer required, no mouse from dirty underarmour, coronal mass ejection, primordial terrestrial slime, like Athena out of Zeus’ head or Dionysius out of his thigh,
or maybe out of a lotus

shoes and junk and tri-dented, resident of elements

pointed pointer: good point, but

no one has ever seen the sun

but now and then hidden treasures: beeing on sliding glass door handle -- covering with winged blanket — stretching: now a June Taylor dancer sky--flying moon flakes and mushroom clouds — split open many faced ignorance downing the dawn — in this whirled rainbows are knot arcs: instead they are on steed round and rows and columns and hosed: origin solar flares not with standing, billet doux from the Joe South Kingdom of Yr, never promising a rose garden, under double bubble toil and trouble, a long side

secret garden

empyrean heart

open house

— Rx is the FloridaWeekly muse who hopes to inspire profound mutiny in all those who care to read. Our Rx may be wearing a pirate cloak of invisibility, but emanating from within this shadow is hope that readers will feel free to respond. Who knows: You may even inspire the muse. Make contact if you dare.

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