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‘Dragonstone,’ ‘The Dragon’s Heart’

By Michelle Young (The Wild Rose Press, $14.99)
Special to Florida Weekly

Michelle Young’s impressive debut novel, “Dragonstone,” hits all the notes that a fantasy/romance novel should: strong women, gorgeous men, lovely scenery and life-altering adventure. However, this ain’t your mother’s romance novel. With “Dragonstone,” Ms. Young has created her own niche in the fantasy genre, imagining a world where “magic rules the land, dragons roam the skies, and everyone has their secrets.”

The reader is transported to the world of Latharia, where Lady Katerina must fulfill the prophecy of defeating the black magic that is threatening to overtake her land. Because her magic was “awakened” by an act of violence, her Dragonstone, which holds all of her magic power, turns black. Not wanting to use her magic because of the evil that controls the black Dragonstone, she rids herself of it.

Soon Latharia is surrounded by forces that do not want Katerina to inherit the kingdom. With the help of her personal guard, Logan, Katerina must retrieve her Dragonstone and defeat the evil forces that would prefer to reign with evil black magic.

Ms. Young’s new novel, “The Dragon’s Heart,” picks up nearly 25 years later, with Katerina’s daughter, Syrena, fated to continue her mother’s quest to rid Latharia of black magic and defeat the evil Kyron once and for all. In order to fulfill her destiny, she must learn to harness her beast-master magic to help her save her kingdom, all the while trying to gauge if the mysterious Blaze is someone she can trust, or if he has an agenda of his own.

“Dragonstone” and “The Dragon’s Heart” aren’t your average fantasy/romance novels. They tell a story of love, faith, bravery and the importance of family. It’s a must-read series for book lovers of any genre. ¦

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