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Stacey Chadwick Brown

Stacey Chadwick Brown 
COURTESY PHOTO Stacey Chadwick Brown COURTESY PHOTO When did you first discover your creative talents?

As a child, I danced, sang, performed on stage, painted, drew, did ceramics, crafted, etc. I learned to crochet from my grandmother when I was 6 and continue to crochet to this day.

Where can we see your work? Green ‘N Groovy, ACT Gallery, BIG ARTS, Peace by Piece (trunk shows held twice a year.) In my former life, my jewelry could be been seen in boutiques and galleries all over the country.

Are you currently working on any projects?

I am never without a project. And, I change projects often before the other projects are completed.

What are your media of choice?

Vintage jewelry, found objects, rusty stuff, metals, acrylics, papers, clay.

What inspires you?

I get inspiration by the colors of rusty things, by vintage fabrics and furniture, by nature, by browsing at thrift stores and trash piles, by browsing at galleries, art books and traveling.

Where do you work? What is your workspace like?

I create everywhere… the dining room table, the living room, the backyard, in my car at parent pickup lines at school. My official “studio” is my unrenovated cottage behind my house. It’s a wonderful 1920’s cottage complete with a vintage refrigerator and farm-style sink. One day, it will be glorious and shiny, but it’s just right for me now.

Do you have another job?

I am a licensed mental health therapist in private practice in Fort Myers, a writer for Southwest Florida Parent and Child Magazine and the clinical director of AIM/ Target.

What is your life like?

A whirlwind of activity three elementaryaged girls, my theater professor husband, my 85-pound dog, my funny, smart, creative friends, clinical/professional career, a continuous stream of laundry and my old house that is in constant disarray. ¦

Education: B.S., Auburn University; M.A., University of South Florida; many classes in the arts over the years, such as pottery, painting, etc. as well as self-taught

Hometown: Phenix City, Ala.

Latest exhibit: ACT Gallery, Fort Myers, summer 2010

Website: www.staceybrowncounseling.com

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